Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I Got Enough Change to Afford the Price of Fame"

New week, which means new leaks from Hip Hop's new Drake. I say that not to compare the two as artists, but more meant to point out the similarities between Wiz Khalifa's current buzz and the buzz Drake had last year as everyone anticipated his debut album Wiz has his So Far Gone in Kush and Orange Juice, now all we need is the Thank Me Later to follow.

Below is his recent performance of Black and Yellow where he brought his new girl @darealamberrose onstage...
Seems like the internet is having a field day with interesting new couple considering Kanye and Amber broke up last July. Selfishly, their break up may have allowed more work to be put into My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so can we all really complain? Seems like she's with someone now who is a lot more down to earth and easy to get along with at least. Either way...#QuitHatinEveryone....oh and #TGOD...
On a related note what did y'all think of his performance of Black and Yellow pregame at the AFC championship in Pittsburgh? Would love to see a rowdy Steelers crowd react to that track live, man that'd give you some chills (and not because of the cold).

Anyways, a snippet of this track surfaced a while ago on his Flight 420 mixtape, but this is the full version and it's worth the wait...
"They say my life’s like the big screen..."

Wiz Khalifa - Big Screen


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