Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Watch the Throne, Don't Step on Our Road, Bad Enough, We Let You Step on Our Globe"

For a week we've been waiting in anticipation for this track and today Kanye released it via Facebook. Personally I enjoyed the fact that they temporarily overloaded the facebook servers, causing the dreaded page cannot be displayed (below)...#SafariSwag
The whole production from the cover art, to the verses, to the white hot beat brought to you by Lex Luger, who is sure to become a household name with this beat. Between this beat, Rick Ross's BMF beat and Wacka Flocka's Hard in da Paint beat, I'd say it's about damn time we give dude some dap.

As far as the track as a whole is concerned, there are a few things I really like about it. First off, the build up of the beat is disgusting, remaining subtle until the hook flies off the hook with the infusion of grandeur through opera style swag at the crescendo. I'm a big fan of goin' H.A.M. or H.ard a.s a M.otherf***** every now and then, so I fully respect putting the term on blast for pop culture to adopt. To me the track came off like a house under construction with the foundation of the track (the beat) leaving a lot of room for expansion (on the verses). It's like they left room for another verse, but the beat was so hard, they let it ride it. It's weird because I respect that since it's different and if you were going to do it, this is the track to do it on, but wanted more because there was a whole lotta unclaimed real estate throughout the beat. Also, was it me or was the vulgarity a little forced since every line contained at least one "hard" word? It's splitting hairs at that point and I'm sure @kanyewest and @s_c_ could give one damn whether or not this gets cleaned off for radio since any and every music fan that likes Hip Hop even a little bit, was well aware of this track today and found a way to cop it.

Don't miss the wagon as it passes and gets jumped on by the masses. Kids ain't safe anywhere but home, March 1st home boy, Watch the Throne...

Kanye West & Jay-Z - H.A.M (Prod By Lex Luger)


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