Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's Your Favorite Color?

Great example of taking a mediocre track with potential and using it for the base of a great remix. Case in point below, where Punches, a Brooklyn based House/Disco team compromised of twin brothers Greg and Darin Bresnitz who make up DJ Finger on the Pulse (Does anybody else think they resemble Mayer Hawthorne??) and singer, remixer, producer extraordinaire Alan Alstor. Together they spin a ho hum Indie track (original track by Tokyo Police Club) into a potential dance anthem. The piano lead in sucked me in and set the table perfectly for the vocals delivered by Tokyo Police Club lead singer Dave Monks. It's not until the tempo picks up around the hook that this remix becomes infectious, adopting an upbeat disco rhythm that creates the danceability of the track.

As an extra, check out the tremendously Indie video for their new single Feeling Right, which through their dancing and fashion display, puts on display their completely average whiteness... gotta love it...
Yea, I know what you're thinking, how could you not love low budget creativity that involves middle aged men in tank tops? It's catchy though, can't deny that aspect and you've gotta give a little dap for the unabashed vibe of the video, as seemingly vanilla (pun intended) and low budget as it was.

Be sure to check out @PUNCHESBK's Sleepless City EP they dropped back in October. The song above is on the tracklist as well as current favorite Sleepless City. If you were curious, there were a whole lotta other people who liked this track too, as it sat at #10 in the songs on hypem last week. Check it...

Tokyo Police Club-Favorite Coulour (Punches remix)


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