Monday, December 06, 2010

"I Like To Fly the Friendly Skies Until the Sky Fall"

Man...I miss Red and Meth...the Funk Doctor Spock and the Iron Lung...Reggie Noble and the Ticalian Stalian. They vibe off each other like no other rap duo in their own easygoing, humorous, but lyrically intense way. The original Blackout album they did in 1999 was classic in every way shape and form, with tracks like Y.O.U., Blackout and the ultimate classic Rocwilder. Basically if you ain't excited as a mofo that they're even hinting at a Blackout 3 that is due out the oven in the next year, then you must cheer for WikiLeaks

The track below is off Redman's seventh studio album Reggie, due out tomorrow in stores. It combines the skills of @therealredman, @methodman with a guest spot from Trill University representer @BUNBTRILLOG. All three weave in and out of a bouncy beat over dreamy keys, creating a relaxing tone that fits perfectly with their uplifting subject matter. Not everyday you get all three heavyweights on one track, so indulge in the moment and feel free to continue being excited for more music to come from Red and Meth.

Redman feat Method Man & Bun-B - Lite 1 Witcha Boi


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