Thursday, December 02, 2010

One Album Later...7 Grammy Nominations for Bruno Mars

Kinda proud today that the two artists who made the biggest splash in 2010 were awarded with the most Grammy Nominations. Without a doubt, the best album of the year was Eminem's Recovery and in line with that was his ten Grammy Nominations. I'm not naive enough to think that those 10 nominations came just from his previous album, but instead from his unique ability to stand out in a world where he doesn't stereotypically fit, combining razor sharp wit with raw lyrics delivered with emotion. I'll be the first to admit, I was critical of him as he went through the drug years, making made overly corny, half assed music on Encore (somewhat) and Relapse (definitely). Because I was so critical and I had been such a fan of his spirited efforts prior on the Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP, I made it a goal to go out of my way to write and hype up his 180 turn around on Recovery when he went back to his passionate, hungry, perfectionist ways. Dude is truly a rose that grew from concrete and as abrasive as his music continues to be with all his domestic violence filled verses, you can't help but admire every bit of his struggle he continues his intellectual assault verse after verse. Congrats @eminem...

As far as my man Bruno, there's little doubt who should be breakthrough artist of the year. Listen below to @brunomars react to his seven nominations...
Given that the music he makes is more than a little pop, it's not a huge surprise he's getting so much Grammy dap, but still, it's nice to see great work rewarded and the fact that his music crosses generations in appeal should vault him to levels unreached by any Hip Hop act. Hopefully he can keep following it up with great music and albums to come...kinda like the song below which managed to find it's way on the interwebs today. A mixed tempo track with a fire hot hook, leaning on the vocals that took him to the place he is now...a pop icon who is now being formally recognized at the highest level.

Bruno Mars - Killa On the Run


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