Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Hands R&B and Acoustic Covers

Sticking with the demo/cover vibe this week with a Jackie Boyz cover of Wacka Flocka's No Hands. The platinum singer/songwriter duo of Steven and Carlos Battey have recently been recognized for penning recent hits like Madonna feat Lil Wayne - Revolver, Flo Rida - Sugar and Justin Bieber feat Sean Kingston - Eenie Meenie. The ghostwriters never get any love, so it's up to people who care way to much about the nuts and bolts of music to put the talented people like @jackieboyz on blast who did much of the hard work that goes into making successful, quality music. The cover below is off their 585 Days Later Mixtape duo out in 2011 and it's featuring fellow demo singer @blkrangratozzio, check it...

Jackie Boyz feat Atozzio - No Man (No Hands)

Bonus: Check out the Danny Vola's (@DANNYVOLA) acoustic version of No Hands, which stands out like a sore thumb because you don't see too many trap anthems getting the acoustic treatment. A little iffy on the N word usage, but his version provides a different sound to an already hot track and you can only get so angry over him repeating the original words...


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