Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Take That Jesus!"

Truth be told if T.I.'s album and B.O.B.'s mixtape weren't so strong I would have little to report on music wise. I don't think I'd argue with you if you said that last month there was waaaay too much good music the was released to keep track of. If time was something I could purchase, y'all woulda gotten a lot more posts last month compared to this month if my frequency of posts were contingent on the quality of music being released. With that being said you know I'm gonna come up with some other entertaining shit to share like the video below.

Youtube sensations are never planned, they're usually a mix of genuine emotion and circumstance. If you're a smart parent, you should probably film your kid doing random stuff because this day and age, if it's funny and a baby is involved, it'll get more than a few Youtube views. I don't need to say much to set up the video below other than music is a truly powerful force and more parents should try and use it to their advantage like the observant father below. The 180 switch of emotion at the 35 sec mark is priceless. Can't compete with the 10.5 million views...

Credit to Pigeons and Planes


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