Thursday, December 30, 2010

ESPN Bowl Week Anthem B.O.B. - I Am the Champion

Leave it to Bobby Ray to flip an average song (by his standards) into a ESPN Bowl Week anthem, one that has been played and will continued to get played on millions of televisions as everyone tunes in to watch the various upcoming meaningful bowl games. In case you haven't watched the Big Ten go 2-0 so far despite being the underdog in both games any of the less meaningful bowl games and are waiting for the heavyweight match ups coming this weekend, below is the promo commercial that has been constantly airing with B.O.B. performing amidst a college marching band backdrop...

Love the line after the 2 minute mark, "I wake up and piss excellence...ALLL DAY!"...probably won't hear that line on ESPN though.

If you're thinking to yourself man this track sounds really familiar even though it wasn't featured on his debut release, then you probably heard it on his May 25th mixtape (song 2) or off the 2010 NBA Live game or mixtape (track 11). Recycling tracks is not usually a good thing for artists to do, but when you've appreciated so much recognizability wise in a year, you can come out of the woodwork with "new tracks" that haven't made it to the masses, but aren't really new. It's all part of the grind to make money in a Hip Hop music market that has become so saturated with competition that you don't see many artists getting ESPN style endorsements like the one @bobatl got with his commercial. As a supporter of his mixtapes and music leading up to him "making it big" and permeating pop culture, it's cool to see him now making grown up $$$ now that other doors have opened for him due to the success of his debut album.

I know you're already sick of the track below and will probably hate it by the end of this weekend, but in case you wanted a little back story on it and the chance to play it outside of watching TV, feel free and sample below or cop it on iTunes...#RIAALikesiTunesLinksBetterForSomeReason...

B.O.B. - I Am the Champion (New iTunes version)
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