Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swizz Beatz Brings California Love to NYC

Kanye brought us G.O.O.D. Fridays and now @therealswizzz is bringin' the heat every Monday with Monster Mondays. Truth be told I actually like this week's track a little better because that @lexusluger beat goes hard on Ace Hood's new track Hustle Hard, but this track has a little more first listen familiarity as it Swizz borrowed (debatably) the most recognizable piano sample in Hip Hop history. Peep the original Pac below...
That song will never get old...#Truth. I'd say when it comes to the production on the new track, I can respect what Swizzy did with the familiarity of the piano sample, but unfortunately the verses come up way short as Maino and Jim Jones leave a lot to be desired. Can't hate too much though, both Jada and Captain YOAWA brought it on their verses and did their part to carry their sub-par brethren on the track. Interesting track with potential to get more than a few heads nodding, especially in the Five Boroughs...

Maino feat Jadakiss Jim Jones & Joell Ortiz - We Keep It Rockin (prod by Swizz Beatz)


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