Friday, December 10, 2010

"I've Been Loving You Too Long, To Stop Now"

Real cool use of a sample as Twista uses Otis Redding's sped up sample of I've Been Loving You Too Long from 1965. You'd think based on the lyrics that the subject of a track would be a woman, but instead it's about the city that he will forever represent, Chi-town. The chopped up stutter of the beat fits Twista's flow like Jeter in pinstripes, blending with the lullabye-esque high pitched Otis Redding. For all you curious mofo's the original track by Otis below...
If you haven't already given @TWISTAGMG's new album Perfect Storm a listen, you need to check out Hands Up, Lay Down with @WAKAFLOCKABSM, Up To Speed and 3 Minute Murder. His new album definitely caters to those who can appreciate his fast forward flow and slow jams. Not sure why this one below was cut though...#SometimesTheBestStuffDoesntMakeItOut

Twista - Too Long


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