Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buzz Track: Chipmunk feat Chris Brown - Champion

In case you ain know, Hip Hop does exist in the fact it's starting to garner a lot more attention from fellow artists on US soil. From all the Dizzee Rascal references Drake makes, to Kanye/Lloyd Banks featuring Sway DeSafo and Giggs (on the Start it Up remix, it's clear that there's a bunch of talent that most Hip Hop fans in the US haven't been introduced to. Other than the lack of US exposure, differences in accent and style, with movements like Grime, UK Hip Hop is just as enticing and some would argue refreshing in comparison to US Hip Hop, which tends to be more commercial and (until lately) marked by artists with borrowed creativity and simply put, retarded lyrics.

You can add to that list Chipmunk, who recruited @CHRISBROWN on his new single Champion from his upcoming album Transition due out in 2011. The track below is hella catchy an extremely radio friendly, especially with CB's flawless and slightly uplifting hook. I enjoy the British accent from Chipmunk, who at the age of 20 has already risen to the top of UK Hip Hop the same way any US Hip Hop artist would, by selling mixtapes like League of My Own. He's definitely an artist you want to keep an eye out for as UK Hip Hop starts to attract more attention worldwide through US collaborations. This week the video for the single dropped, give it a look...
Chipmunk feat Chris Brown - Champion


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