Tuesday, December 28, 2010

James Fauntleroy - Fire Bomb (Rihanna demo)

Been a while since I've given some behind the scenes love on a demo track, so when James Fauntleroy's demo of @RIHANNA's track Fire Bomb (off her 2009 album Rated R) surfaced, I felt inclined to post it. The track was never considered for a single but it was co-written by @fauntleroy and the producer of the track Brian Kennedy (@bkmusik). Before you listen to the demo, check out what Rihanna did with the final version that was released on her album...
Depending on the quality of the demo, the final version can sound completely different both lyrics wise and vocally. When not much changes between the demo and final version that's a testament to how well the demo singer executed their rendition, which is why James deserves some dap for setting the tone. He's got an obvious knack for writing and his ability to demo isn't too bad either, so you should hear his name like an offensive coordinator gets a post game shout out after a win.

Continuing the NFL topic, sweet game tonight Eagles, way to lay an egg as two touchdown favorites...

James Fauntleroy - Fire Bomb (Rihanna demo)


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