Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Buzz Track: J. Cole feat Kevin Cossom - Leave Me Alone

Y'all remember back in late July when an unreleased J. Cole track surfaced titled Problems? Seems someone made a great decision to not only finish and master the track, but also throw captain underrated Kevin C-O-S-S-O-M. The track gives off a swanky feel as @jcolenc takes to the mic over a bouncy piano beat, allowing his storytelling words to be the focal point of the track, painting a picture of the struggle someone who is tired of dealing life's problems.

The real question remains, after J. Cole's "So Far Gone" moment with Friday Night Lights, when is his Thank Me Later coming? Wikipedia is telling me Cole World is coming March 2011, but it's been pushed back a few times already. It may end up being a race between Cole and @KEVINCOSSOM, who is supposed to be releasing an album in the next year too title LOVE (Levels of Various Emotions).

As an added bonus, check out some highlight footage of J.Cole's concert in Toronto where he brought Drake out...

J. Cole Concert in Toronto from T-Square Media Credit: YouHeardThatNew

Anybody else wanna hop a plane to the UK to see those Drizzy/Cole dates? I'm serious if anybody finds a cheap flight I'm IN!...

J. Cole feat Kevin Cossom - Leave Me Alone


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