Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Canadian House Sounds Like Deadmau5

Sure, some of you will scoff and say"GWDJ that track came out like a year ago back in May, dude get with the program". My answer to that is better late than never...and...suck it because when it comes to upbeat, progressive house delivered by Deadmau5, it's good all year round. If you haven't heard the electro rhythms concocted by the mouse-costume wearing bandit known by some as Joel Zimmerman, others @deadmau5.

Put it this way, if you haven't seen him in action, YOU NEED TO PRESS PLAY BELOW...dude knows how to rock a party...
Below the track Some Chords is the first of 7 singles released by deadmau5 off his new album 4 x 4 = 12 (four times four equals 12 for all you slow kids). After a full listen I have no problem endorsing it as a fluid, dynamic album that showcases a wide array of house/techno/electro sounds. It really is like a buffet of dance music with all the different choices sounding equally as good, but very different from the song before it. As an example, I'll use two of my favorite cuts off the album Right This Second and Animal Rights, both sounding nothing like one another, but great in their own right, proving equally capable of inducing sweaty dancefloor booty shaking...#YallKnowWassup

With Deadmau5's latest album, you can feel free and throw @deadmau5 in the category up there with the top shelf electro/dance artists like Crookers, Tiesto, Basshunter, Guetta, Daft Punk, Ratatat, he'd legit. I can only hope he decides to tour the US rather than sticking to the UK and Canada...

Deadmau5 - Some Chords


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