Thursday, December 23, 2010

Real Players Make Love Mentally

"That’s how this lovin' be, love it when she under me
She say that she celibate, I penetrate her mentally"
In what can only be described as a unique way to respectfully go about getting with a girl, Wale preaches how it can be just as cool to go about getting to know a girl before thing turn physical. Sure the kind gentleman talk still eminently leads to the same endgame, but there's a degree of respectability that needs to be recognized by @WALE's attempt to appreciate the value of sex by attaching a cerebral element to the chase. One thing I've learned when listening to many of Wale's songs is that he must have had and continue to have a strong mother figure and/or sister that has taught him respect women. If you're not sure what I mean, give a listen to Ambitious Girl...

I wouldn't call it an abstinence anthem, but the picture being painted is soaked in wisdom as he offers more than a few nuggets of advice when he speaks on the never-ending battle between temptation and doing what's best in the long run....
"But I’ma wait it out I’m bout to see that drought
Cuz if I hit it now these feelings take a different route
So, I’m on some 40 days and night sh**
Feeling like it’s Ramadan and I just need a bite quick
Tryna get inside your mind without that night shift
So I’ma be aight for the night with a goodbye kiss"
What's cool to me is the candid, realistic way Wale goes about describing the rationalization struggle in a man's mind as he tries to "Find His Way" in deciding whether to hit the gas pedal or slow play it out of confidence, knowing it'll be better in the long run to wait. It's funny too how sometimes men will end up mentally thinking they took the high road out to justify getting denied because 1) the girl wasn't feelin' him or 2) you were too scared to make a more. Like on some, "Yea it's prolly a good idea to take it slow, I mean I coulda smashed shorty if I wanted" knowing damn well your ass got shot down in some way shape or form and you woulda been ankle deep in that woohoo rushin' to the back of line for seconds had you even been given a glimpse of hope that smackin' bellies would occur. Wale said it best...
"We getting closer every moment, I’ve been waiting for it
Ain’t saying I don’t need it, if you gave it I would take it

Have you shaken I would break you off
Without a second thought, but you got my respect is all
And I can show you all this love without a bit of sex involved"
With this group of intelligent new Hip Hop artists has come with a trend for treating women with more respect and for that, they should get dap. It used to be uncool to treat a lady like anything but a bitch, but Hip Hop has started to evolve and evolve in the right direction.

Raise a glass for the women in your life and treat 'em right on Christmas...#OrSantaAintGonnaBringYourAssNothin

Wale feat Lloyd - Let's Chill (prod by Tone P)


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