Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Artist Spotlight: Timeflies

Timeflies is a duo out of Boston via NY/NJ DJ Rob Resnick and vocalist/lyricist Cal. They are straight outta Tufts University near Boston and bring an intriguing mix of pop/electro/acoustic flavored Hip Hop to the table. Rather than start off with my opinion of @timeflies4850, give their track Pipe Dreams (la da da) a listen as they perform it live...

Timeflies - Pipe Dreams (la da da)

Pretty cool mix of mellow acoustic over well delivered verses filled with catchy lyrics. Sort of reminds me of something like Shwayze - Buzzin', but with a little edgier, more creative lyrics. Now before you too used to the vibe they give off above, you need to understand that most of their music is meant to be upbeat party music. Case in point their latest electro/synth laden dance creation, Lose My Mind..."As the clock ticks on timeflies..."

Timeflies - Lose My Mind

The gruff, eye popping synths are attention grabbing result in a real different sound. Probably could have come up with a better adjective, but a big part of why I find them interesting is because as I listen to their array of sounds, it's hard to really peg them as one type of music...and I find that cool. Hopefully you caught that dubstep breakdown at the 2:13 mark as Cal does his best to create a catchy R&B hook to provide the melodic vocal contrast that makes the track work.
Before I close, I'm gonna get one more of their older tracks in, All Night. Real mellow synths lay the groundwork for Cal's not-so-subtly sexual verses ("I could go once, I could go twice, baby I could go all night"). Again, cool mix of singing and Hip Hop flavored verses are key on this one.

Timeflies - All Night

I'm not even tryin' to take credit for this find either, shouts out to Pigeons and Planes for schoolin' me on the new duo. 

Three tracks...three different sounds...all show off a unique skill set the duo are armed with result in me wanting to hear more. And you should too, be on the look out for more from the tag team @timeflies4850...


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