Monday, December 27, 2010

"Who Rock Grooves and Make Moves With All the Mamis?"

Man this track is grimier than than lime scale coating the bottom of your sink. The Big Poppa sample by @bannon916 isn't too over the top or gratuitous and combined with the scratches by @statikselekt add to the raw lyricism being sprayed all over the track from two of the best young talents in the game @diggy_simmons and @macmiller. Supposedly off of @ITSTHECONS new mixtape Movies On Demand 2 due out in 2011, the track provides more evidence of why Diggy Simmons is an absolute star with lines like:
“I can tell that you’re mad because you getting hostile,
Cause I got my own business and I ain’t finished high school”
"I ain't tryna be like Tiger gettin' avoided by sponsors,
Not the kind you put in your nostrils
And y’all got Twitter followers, but I got apostles”
Not to take away from Consequence who has been around for more than a few mixtapes and a studio album with GOOD Music and high profile collaborations with Kanye or Wiz Khalifa protege, Mac Miller, who is only now starting to get high profile collab oportunities, but the Nephew of Russell and Son of Rev Run is the real deal Holyfield.

If you haven't already, please do give Diggy's new mixtape Past Present Future hosted by DJ Premier. Yea you don't see DJ heavyweights like Primo hosting mixtapes for just anyone, so the cat's pretty much outta the bag on the limitless ceiling of young Diggy. Give the boom bap, hubris filled, display of lyrical boasting a listen...

Consequence feat Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller - I'm a V.I.P (prod by Lee Bannon)


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