Friday, December 17, 2010

Buzz Track: Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck Remix)

All I can say is I'm intrigued by Lykke Li and have been ever since Drake hopped on her track Little Bit on So Far Gone. She's got that Gaga swag and unrelenting hipster appeal to her music and videos and it's time she starts getting put on blast a bit for her music. If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, check out her video below of the original version of Get Some...
Interesting too that an alternative Hip Hop producer like Mike D of the @BEASTIEBOYS would make an attempt at a remixing this track too, making it sound 180 degrees different than the original. To be fair, it really was a coin toss figuring out which remix I liked better, but in the end I felt like fellow weirdo Beck. Crazy rawkus guitar riffs and marching band style drums make this remix stand out like a thumb thats been slammed in a car door. 
How many other Swedish pop stars are you a fan of? Alright smartass I'll give you Robyn and September, but on the real, open up your ears (and hearts) to Lykke Li, a slightly tamer version of Gaga with a whole lotta talent in her own unique right...

Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck remix)


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