Thursday, December 09, 2010

"We're No Longer in Kansas, How Do You Paint When There's No Longer a Canvas?"

Whoa...heads up y'all, you wanna hear two up and coming emcees gettin' after it, look no further. Everyone started taking notice of ATL's newest sensation, the @cyhidaprynce or CyHi Da Prynce after his stand out verse on Kanye's So Appalled, but he's showing some consistency and variety with his collaborations of late. If you're diggin' what you're hearing from Da Pryne, I'd suggest checking out his new mixtape Royal Flush that dropped in October. The sheer fact that Kanye signed him to G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music should give him all the opportunities he needs to succeed, which should start with a XXL Freshman 2011 appearance...#Prediction.

CyHi does his part on this track, but the weight is carried by Laws, who continues to be one of the best artists you don't know about. His delivery is always on point and the thought provoking metaphors he brings to the table cater to the enlightened Hip Hop fans who crave more than just a head nodding beat. Shoot he even throws in a little harmony on the hook with the "I wanna see the fans go wild, I wanna see your hands in the clouds". He embodies the throw back feeling of Hip Hop where all you needed was a mic to entertain people and that's something the game needs more of. Case in point the studio session he had with Da Prynce where they put this together rather than the cutting and pasting that goes on with most collaborations...
Some argue that Hip Hop needs more chaos and excitement, but I say Hip Hop needs more @lawshiphop..."It's My Honooor!" on the look out for The Dedication coming soon...

Laws feat CyHi Da Prynce - Honor


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