Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bei Maejor is Not Afraid to Wife Yo Sexy Ass Up

For all of you that pay attention closely, y'all know how big of a supporter I am of Bei Maejor. For good reason, I gave his previous mixtape Upside Down rave reviews for being front to back filled with a mix of great Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Not one to disappoint, he's back at it again with a sequel to his first effort, Upside Down 2, continuing his uwop ǝpısdn series.

Like his first mixtape, he mixes plenty of stories over harmonies and great beats from some of the game's best producers like @kanebeatz, @boi1da and @MAESTRO. His music has depth, purpose and ranges from trap music sounding tracks like U Know How It Go, to baby makin' music with Right Now, to inspirational stores on the Boi-1da produced Teardrops and Telephone Calls. Shoot he even mixes in a few features you wouldn't expect like the Jack Johnson guitar and vocal aided Upside Down and the Shaggy/Merrillee Rush sampled Hit Me Up Angel.

My personal favorite so far on the mixtape is the Kane Is In The Building produced Wife U Up. The beat initially reminds me of Travis Porter's Over Again with the piano leading the way into an upbeat, head nod inducing hook delivered with a touch of autotune by Bei. It's a fun track that'll have you singin' "Hey pretty girl hey sexy sexy lady, the way that that booty drop make me go crazy" by the end of the track.

Give it a listen and do your iPod a favor and supplement it with a @BEIMAEJOR playlist sprinkled with tracks from Upside Down and Upside Down 2...

Bei Maejor - Wife U Up (prod by Kane Beatz)


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