Friday, April 14, 2017

Videos of the Week April 15th

This week was a special week in that it brought with it a clear candidate for video. Unsurprisingly, Lil Dicky was the mastermind behind the near 11 minute short movie that ended up being the crown jewel of this week's top five. I can't even really do justice trying to describe it, but I will warn that the first minute or so has a bit of nudity, so be mindful of the NSFW tag. Let's just say the video is a slow paced, non-linear train of thought style conversation that will take your imagination and sense of humor on a roller coaster of emotion. There's literally too much comedy gold in there, so feel free and reference the lyric Genius link as you watch.

On a whole different top four list, there was a slew of new music videos that were worthy of note. Let by Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar's haunting, CGI infused video for Goosebumps and Wale and G-Eazy's new spiffy visuals for Fashion week, Hip Hop ruled the roost on the music tip. An honorable mention goes to Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj, and PARTYNEXTDOOR for their house party with FaceTime themed video for Run Up. Closing out this week's top five was The Chainsmokers who made their SNL debut last weekend. Playing a small, quaint venue like Studio 8H isn't exactly what they're used to, but they found a way to deliver a solid performance. They won't be mistaken as rock stars stage presence wise, but Drew especially is coming into his own vocally, which is fun to watch. I for one am stoked to see them live in a few weeks when they come to Bill Graham. I'll see y'all there...#MemoriesDoNotOpen

Lil Dicky - Pillow Talk (Video) NSFW

Travis $cott feat Kendrick Lamar - Goosebumps (Video)

Wale feat G-Eazy - Fashion Week (Video)

Major Lazer Nicki Minaj, PARTYNEXTDOOR - Run Up (Video)

Chainsmokers Perform Paris on SNL

Photo Credit: YouTube


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