Wednesday, April 05, 2017

"I'm So Cold, Hace Frio"

Swag on deck every time Mike Stud releases a new track. Close your eyes, listen, and tell me you don't hear Drake in the mix? To be clear, that's not throwing shade either. They share similar braggadocious wordplay while mixing between rapping and singing. It sure helps to have a dope Louis Bell beat too. It may be kitchy af, but the whole cold, hace frio (it's cold for all you monolinguists out there) lyrics had me going back to Spanish 1 in High School. I'm torn between whether I like the beat or the laid back bars, but together they make a dynamic duo. You won't be able to find the track yet on the normal outlets, but hit this iTunes link in a few days. 'Til then, bang this one on and floss all those diamonds you wish you had with the windows down...#Frio

Mike Stud - Frio (prod by Louis Bell)


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