Sunday, April 09, 2017

Tritonal Dusts Off Dream Academy's Classic Hey Mamama

This might be winding the clock back farther than many of the viewers of this post, but y'all remember The Dream Academy's Life in a Northern Town from back in 1986? If you're drawing a blank check it below...

Yea you remember it because that tribal "Hey mamamama" chanting is addicting af. Now picture that over a melodic Tritonal beat. Now we're talking! Let's just say they dusted off the original and flipped it in a way that amplifies the good vibes while making it accessible to a generation of music lovers that missed the boat on the original. Hey Mamama is a great example of how electronic music is such a potent tool for re-upping classic tracks. The vocals aren't that much different from the original, but when you add in a few vibrant chord progressions, it becomes awesome in a whole new way. Do yourself a favor and head on down to iTunes or Spotify so you can add a bit of therapeautic chanting to your Monday work commute...#HeyMamama

Tritonal - Hey Mamama


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