Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Got a Handful of Gold, So Don't Let it Go"

One thing I really geek out over is when artists known for producing EDM flip the script and turn out a track that makes you re-evaluate the range of music they're capable of making. Case in point, Cazzette's new one Handful of Gold. It's a feel-good ballad that hardly sounds anything like EDM, but it's an amazingly unique song. When listening for the first time, I waited for the formulaic drop and didn't get it, but instead was rewarded with this unexpectedly heavy horn progression followed by an airy guitar riff. Sure, JONES vocals are perfect for the track, but this is truly one of those standout instrumentals that succeed in taking the listener on an adventure across the wide spectrum of emotion. There's some heartfelt vibes, some excitability, even a touch of inspiration in the mix. You want the definition of standout track in electronic music? It's this because it makes you question whether or not it should even be considered EDM, yet you really like it. I'd say I'm impressed, but you already know that by now, so iTunes or Spotify if you're with me...#HandfulOfGold

Cazette feat JONES - Handful of Gold


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