Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Lost Just Like Gilligan on My Own Island"

It's taken a few singles, but I'm starting to warm up to D.R.A.M. As bubble-gum laden as Broccoli was, it was still addicting af and was impossible to ignore. But that was only the start as his new one with Juicy J and A$AP Rocky will remind you a lot of the Three Six Mafia when you listen to it. Off top you get hit in the face with a heavy, rolling bass-line followed by "mafia" chants. I get that a hook is supposed to be catchy, but the repetition on Gilligan runs dangerously close to being annoying. Still, that doesn't take anything away from the heat that Juicy and A$AP bring on their verses. The track below continues the trend of new, exciting Hip Hop that's doing it's best to re-ignite my affinity for Hip Hop that has been dormant for a few years. Cop it in iTunes or Spotify if you're in need of a strip club quality banger...#Gilligan

Big Baby D.R.A.M. feat Juicy J & A$AP Rocky - Gilligan


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