Thursday, April 27, 2017

Odesza Drops Second New Single of the Week

You may remember back on Tuesday night when I gushed about Odesza's first new single since 2014, Line of Sight. Well, they weren't done releasing new music because less than 24 hours later, they let loose Late Night. I'm not going to mince words regarding a favorite between the two because if you read my post earlier this week, Late Night came in a distant second.

BUT...that doesn't take anything away from their smooth, ethereal new one below. It has a high pitched, chant-like vocal sample, vibrant synths, and a steady pace led by a somber guitar chord progression. All of it adds up to what you'd expect from the Seattle duo and make you appreciate that their years long hiatus is finally coming to an end. Remember when I mentioned going to Red Rocks to watch them perform all this new music in about a month? Well, I've listened to their new music so much over the past 48 hours that I decided to pull the trigger on tickets. See y'all in Morrison over Memorial Day weekend...#LateNight

Odesza - Late Night


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