Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Hotter Than July, Super Colder Than December"

Continuing the Hip Hop momentum this week with a new one from Adam Levine and Big Boi. Few lyricists can match the buttery smooth delivery of Daddy Fat Sacks when he's on and you better believe he brought his A game on this one. Similar to the way he seamlessly integrated with the funky sound of Phantogram with Big Grams, his cruise control flow blended quite well with Adam's stellar hook. Don't get it twisted, this guy is headed to the top of Top 40, but there's enough funk baked into the beat that it's far from formulaic.

The word on the streets is Big Boi has a new album on the horizon. For those keeping score at home, Boomiverse would be his third full length album (not counting Big Grams). If that's old news to you, then you've probably already heard the other track he released along with Mic Jack, Kill Jill. Hearing Jeezy and Killer Mike on a track with Big Boi was definitely a breath of fresh air. Not sure what exactly "Coming Soon" means, but it's a safe guess that by the end of 2017 we'll have a new disc full of tracks to dig in on from one of the best in Hip Hop...#MicJack

Adam Levine feat Big Boi - Mic Jack


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