Saturday, April 01, 2017

"Release, Let Go, and Have a Good Time"

Is it me or does it seem like Calvin Harris is focused on making the best summer playlist possible? First it was Slide with Frank Ocean, now he enlisted the help of Pharrell, Young Thug, and Ariana Grande on an equally carefree new one in Heatstroke. I'll put it this way, if you're a Young Thug fan you're gonna eat this one up. He's all over the track from the drop, chipping in two verses and even lending a hand to Pharrell on the hook. It's not very electronic, more smooth, pop funk. The sound is something you'd expect from a Daft Punk track, not a Calvin Harris single. It'll be run through the gamut of Top 40, but it's perfect cruising music, so by all means get at this before you hear it at every beach or lounge party you go to this summer...#HeatStroke

Calvin Harris feat Pharrell, Young Thug & Ariana Grande - Heat Stroke


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