Monday, April 10, 2017

"Biking, I'm Biking, I'm Biking Slow-Mo"

Hope y'all are ready because this whole Frank Ocean comeback is now in fully effect. We got a few warning shots with his recent Calvin Harris track and his latest buzzy single Chanel. As a side note, neither of those tracks moved the needle much for me, but Biking is heading the right direction.

On his new one, he enlisted the help of this guy you may know named Shawn Carter and his former Odd Future band mate, Tyler, the Creator. The first half of the track is more or less a long, meandering intro leading into a chill, guitar-led beat. Those hoping for a lights out, hot sixteen can continue waiting or fast forward to Tyler's verse around the three minute mark. Speaking of verses, what the hell was that last thirty seconds of the track? To me, it sounded like loud gibberish. I'm going to hang my hat on the stellar vocals Frank chipped in on this new one and join the rest of the population that seem to be geeking out over the prospect of a new full length album...#Biking

Frank Ocean feat Jay Z & Tyler, the Creator - Biking (prod by Frank Dukes)


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