Thursday, April 13, 2017

Baauer Goes Double Time on a Flume Favorite

The beauty about Baauer's experimental style is that it always keeps you on your toes. One song he may be clanging pans together, while other's he may be out in nature recording obscure live nature sounds. It's truly a mystery box any time we get the opportunity to unwrap one of his creations.

Like for example, he tribal remix of Flume and Kucka's Numb and Getting Colder. Below is the original for reference...

The original was quiet, dramatic, and methodical, but Baauer's remix took a decidedly different course. Instead, the measured pace went double time, producing a Dancehall quality, booty shake anthem. It's not quiet as heavy as a lot of his other creations, but man is it a fun dance track. You have 100% permission to wild out and twerk to this new #banger.

Flume feat Kucka - Numb and Getting Colder (Baauer Remix)


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