Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Odesza's New Music Put a Pause on My Day Today

Christmas came early this year folks! After weeks of creating empty playlists, dropping snippets, and debuting music at shows, Odesza finally dropped two full length singles today.

Saying it was all worth the wait doesn't do justice to how excited I was to hear the full version of Line of Sight. Nothing against Late Night, but Line of Sight has already catapulted itself to near the top of my favorite all time Odesza tracks. It comes equipped with vibrant chords, soothing vocals, and a vocal sample that will beg you to chant along. Credit WYNNE and Mansionair for helping raise the instrumental goodness to heights it wouldn't have been able to reach alone. I just finished my fifth lap around the track and I'm going to do a couple more for good measure. Needless to say this is making my attendance at Red Rocks in about a month a damn near lock at this point...#LineOfSight

Odesza feat WYNNE & Mansionair - Line of Sight


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