Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Please Say Less, I'm Blessed on Blessed"

If we're talking collaborations we'd hope come to fruition, a Dillon Francis and G-Eazy track would be near the top. Say Less continues the trend of Young Gerald seeking out collaborations far and wide, teaming up with the like of Britney, Bebe Rexha, and Wale recently. G-Eazy proliferation aside, let's not cast aside the heat that DJ Hanzel Dillon Francis brought on the instrumental. He brought those arena filling horns, coming in hard and haunting on the hook. It's a textbook lesson on how to use pace to lure in the audience before slapping them in the face with a tough drop and finishing with screwed vocals in case you weren't already entertained. If you're a fan like me, check out the lyric video below and Spotify if you want to do a few more laps around it...#SayLess

Dillon Francis feat G-Eazy - Say Less


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