Monday, April 03, 2017

"I Know, I Know, You'll Never Be Mine"

There's experimental music and then there's whatever you'd call Cashmere Cat's new track 9 (After Coachella). I've always been a fan of music that challenges the status quo, which is why you've witnessed a lot of Cashmere Cat sprinkled throughout the years. On his new one, he did his usual crazy beat making with all sorts of off the wall samples. There's very little repetition on the track, which is why it breaks the mold of what you'd normally hear.

If I'm keepin' it 100, I love and SOPHIE's vocals, the quasi-hook over heavy crashing beat and ethereal ending to the track. I'm not at all a fan of the quirky droplet beat progression mixed in, but that's the beauty of the music that lives on the fringes. You take some, you leave some and you're better off for having taken a trip outside your comfort zone. One thing's for sure, the song you hear below is an original piece and you probably won't hear anything like it...unless it was from Cashmere Cat or Baauer...#9AfterCoachella

Cashmere Cat feat MØ & SOPHIE - 9 (After Coachella)


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