Monday, December 05, 2016

"Don't Let This Be Our Final Song"

As a daily consumer of music, I like being surprised. When I say surprised, I mean a lot of things. It's surprised that someone finally released a song, or surprised that two artists collaborated. Or, like the song below, it could be hearing the original version of a track after being introduced to the remix and realizing it sounds nothing like it's predecessor. For reference, check the original version of 's Final Song...

The original is a soft, snappy, singing ballad. Then Diplo and Jauz got ahold of it and turned Final Song into a uptempo, Trop House banger. The vocals find a way to maintain that sing-along quality, while the increase in tempo dares you not to dance. If you were to bottle up the word fun and play it on full blast, it would sound exactly like this. I don't like to wax poetic, but I'm going to wear out this Soundcloud link until it's officially released...#FinalSong

MØ - Final Song (Jauz X Diplo Remix)


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