Friday, December 30, 2016

Videos of the Week December 30th

In perfect 2016 fashion, I'm ending this year on a completely random, somewhat entertaining, yet slightly disappointing way. While I wouldn't characterize any of the following videos as must see, they all cater to a specific music demographic. If you're a diehard, music OG who supports artists who consistently put on stellar live shows, then you'll enjoy Bon Iver's BK warehouse and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)'s Fallon performances. As a side note, it was heartwarming that Mos gave the NY folks a proper goodbye at the Apollo last week. I'm bummed to see him hanging up his mic, but he'll always be one of my favorite multi-dimensional performers.

If you're the type of person who geeks out over typical Hip Hop videos stocked with full-lambo tricks and video girls, then you'll appreciate Travis $cott's new video for Biebs in the Trap. Side note - watching Travis surprise his family with a new house was pretty cool. Continuing on, if you're the type who loves getting up on that new video everyone is watching then I need to introduce you to Moshow. He's a rapper/cat enthusiast who released an awesome new video promoting washing and adopting cats. Can't make that stuff up, you just have to watch. Finally, looking forward to 2017, Movie Pilot put together a two and a half minute movie trailer montage for all the films you're looking forward to in 2017. If you're a cliff notes type of person, this one is perfect for you. Happy new year y'all...#Welcome2017

Bon Iver Live at the Pioneer Works Warehouse in Brooklyn (presented by NPR)

Yasiin Bey Performs Seaside Panic Room and N.A.W. on Fallon

Travis $cott - Biebs in the Trap (Video)

Moshow Raps About Adopting Cats

2017 Epic Movie Trailers Montage

Photo Credit: Facebook


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