Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ookay Finds a Way to Make Seasonal EDM

Why don't more EDM artists make seasonal beats? I know that probably sounds like a terrible question, but hear me out. I'm not just talking Christmas favorites, I'm talking beats that remind you of going to the mall in the winter or the beach in the summer. Sure, Trop House has mostly cornered the market on summer vibes, but Ookay's Air may have been the first EDM track where I listened to it and immediately pictured snow falling on Christmas lights in December. The melodic sing-song of the chimes is the main culprit, but it's a rare track that seems perfect for a winter playlist. It's upbeat, full of cheer and offers a steady release of happy vibes. Hat tip to Ookay for bringing a bit of seasonal nostalgia with this one...#Air

Ookay - Air


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