Monday, December 19, 2016

Rule #1: Be Quiet in Mansionz

There's always been a quiet edginess to Mike Posner's music that I really dig. I'm not as familiar with Blackbear's music, but after a few listens to STFU, it's abundantly clear why they got together to form mansionz. Both bring to the table stellar vocals and lyrical edginess that make such a vulgar track sound beautiful and somber. The quiet frustration mixed with quiet guitar makes for an interesting contrast of moods that made me want to keep listening. Add to that the slowed, DJ Screw sounding vocals on the last verse on the track and you've got one big mix of stylistic awesomness. No word yet on when the dynamic duo will be throwing together full length album, but it's trending its way into our lives on Spotify at a rapid rate...#STFU

mansionz (Mike Posner & Blackbear) - STFU


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