Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Pillow Fights Turn To Pillow Dreams"

With every new release I become a bigger fan of Galantis' brand of whimsical progressive house. While past favorites may have been more dramatic or nu-disco sounding, their new one strikes all the right melodic chords. Featuring a quiet build up, soothing vocals, and repeatable lyrics, Pillow Fight will gradually win you over as the track progresses.

Like a lot of new tracks, it comes equipped with a lyric video filled with plenty of behind the scenes footage to tell the story of the track. As someone who frequently posts lyric videos, I totally get it. It's a low budget way to add a little creativity and open up the song up to a wider audience. It's destined for Top 40 radio, so get it while it's hot...#PillowFight

Galantis - Pillow Fight


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