Thursday, December 29, 2016

"I Got the Moves, I Make the City Move"

The positivity preacher of rap is back! It doesn't matter if you've heard one of his songs or many, you know Big Sean is about grinding and not letting anything stop you from succeeding. It doesn't matter if it's a cameo verse, a full length track, or somewhere in the middle like his new one Moves. Side note - is it becoming a thing now to have 2 minute tracks? Call me old, but I remember a time when anything less than three minutes was an interlude. Not hating on it one bit, more of an observation than anything. If you can get your point across, it doesn't matter how long it takes you.

If you've been up on Big Sean news lately, you know he's got an album coming out soon. I Decided is Sean Don's upcoming, fourteen song album that's scheduled to hit e-tailers on February 3rd. Back in early November he released Bounce Back, which makes this his second single from the upcoming album. Bounce Back was more of a brash, in-your-face proclamation, where Moves is much more of a smooth, low-profile lyrical exercise. As per usual, there are plenty of quotables to hang your hat on below. Give it a few listens and join me in appreciating the wordplay on Big Sean's new hustle anthem...#Moves

Big Sean - Moves


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