Sunday, December 04, 2016

"When You Need That Fiyah, I'm Your Messiah"

It's been a while since some new Alison Wonderland came across the radar, so you can imagine how stoked I was to press play on her new one Messiah. Staying true to form, she came correct with some stellar vocals and a hype beat cooked up with her partner in crime, M-Phazes. I'd characterize it as dramatic trap that has a distinct ebb and flow, but plenty of bounce. The verses lure you in with steady grace, only to sock you in the face with the hook. Speaking of the hook, if you're not singing along by the second go-around, you're not listening to the same track as me. Simply put, this did nothing but pour gasoline on my growing affinity for A-Wonder-DJ's music and I'm excited as hell to utilize Spotify for re-hashing the tracks that got my affinity to where it is now...#Messiah

Alison Wonderland X M-Phazes - Messiah


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