Saturday, December 24, 2016

"I Only Came For the Cake"

Catchy melody over a snappy beat, rinse, and repeat. That is Flo Rida's discography in a nutshell. Hate on it all you want for being formulaic, you can bet your ass you'll be singing the "cake, cake, cake, cake" sample long after first listen. Featuring a vocal assist from 99 Percent, Cake is one of fifteen track on the recently released This Is a Challenge compilation. Grouped with other dance favorites like Juju on the Beat, Wobble, and Cupid Shuffle, the album seems like a re-branded "NOW That's What I Call Music" album. Are those still a thing by the way? Whatever the case, you're not going to be surprised by Cake or anything on the aforementioned compilation, but you can bet where there's a time and place for a whole disc of cliche crowd favorites...#Cake

Flo Rida feat 99 Percent - Cake


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