Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Every Weekend Should Start With This Song

A big reason why Major Lazer's music is so damn addicting is due to their ability to mix Reggae into EDM. There's something about the mix of laid back, soothing vocals with balls to the wall drops that will always be novel when I hear it. Maybe it's because nobody else has been able to find the right mix like they have, whatever the case, it wins.

Their new collabo with Bad Royale represents the best of all that I just described above. My Number is a whole lot of chill bundled into a firecracker of energy that slowly gets lit as song progresses. The tranquil guitar and steel drums eventually give way to a rapid tempo and speaker rattling bass that serves as a not-so-subtle reminder you're not at a Bob Marley concert, you're listening to Major Lazer. This deserves a spot on the kick the weekend off playlist, so iTunes or Spotify it if you're in agreement...#MyNumber

Major Lazer & Bad Royale - My Number


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