Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Alan Walker Knows You're Not Alone

There's something about Alan Walker's mix of wobbly synths that makes his music bleed emotion. Taking it a step further, he always finds vocalists who can match the level of intensity that he brings to the table with his chord progressions. I haven't been able to find any credit to vocals on his new one Alone, but it's every bit what you expected and then some from Alan Walker. Check the newly minted, inspirational visuals below...

I'll put it this way, in a world that's seemingly as divisive as ever, it's nice to see someone preaching acceptance. That's exactly what the underlying message is in Alan's new one that may not have the crazy high ceiling of his previous singles, but that's more of a reflection of how successful his previous singles have been. At this point, I'm getting hoping more than anything that he launches a tour soon because he's made countless contributions to GWDJ Favorites and deserves to be rewarded for that...#Alone

Alan Walker - Alone


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