Friday, December 02, 2016

Videos of the Week December 2nd

There wasn't really any rhyme or reason to this week's top five, so without further organization, here goes. Leading the way are visuals from everyone's favorite radio hit from DJ Snake and Bieber. Sure, Let Me Love You is catch af, but something tells me you might see an even better version of the track posted on here tomorrow (#foreshadowing). Moving along, someone finally managed to corner The Weeknd in a studio long enough for an interview. Hearing Zane Lowe interview Abel made me realize how my perception of him as some cracked out Starboy isn't entirely accurate. Sure, there has to be loads of talent in deck to get him to where he is now, but hearing about his process of making music and how his new album came together was an interesting watch. Mad respect Weeknd.

For a bit of concert porn, mau lovers got themselves something to get all excited about when Joel unveiled a new cube design for his live set. Knowing how much he nerds out over technology, I'm sure no expense will be spared in making it nothing short of awesome. For a bit of novelty, we got to see Flume re-imagine Ghost Town DJs My Boo live in studio with Vince Staples. Dude is a wizard on the MPC, so you could imagine how interesting his choppy, instrument driven remake sounded. And last, but never the least, MGK came through with Camila Cabello with some love/hate visuals that bring to life the story told on Bad Things. All I can say is, find me a more sexy and catchy hook out right now...#BadThings
DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Video)

Zane Lowe Interviews The Weeknd in Studio

deadmau5 Reveals His New Cube For Live Performances

Flume Covers Ghost Town DJs - My Boo With Vince Staples Live

Machine Gun Kelly feat Camila Cabello - Bad Things (Video)

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