Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snakehips Gives Some Luv to Tory Lanez

As someone who has made it a habit of writing about music daily, my job gets a lot easier when an artist I like remixes another one of my favorite artists. Take for example Snakehips latest remix of Tory Lanez summer hit hit Luv. I gushed about the original back on June 11th and now six months later it gets the Febreze treatment by Snakehips who added some bounce and snap to the original. Relying on the strength of the original vocals, the remix serves as a smooth re-interpretation that succeeds in reminding me how much I liked the original, while giving it a bit more thump on the back end. It's a perfect addition to the weekend cool out mix, so follow me on over to Spotify to toss it into whatever bin of music you see fit...#Luv

Tory Lanez - Luv (Snakehips Remix)


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