Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Give 'em That Water Ride, This That Six Flags"

To this day, I have a hard time articulating why I like Fetty Wap. His whiny, hard to understand delivery is so different that it's difficult to turn off when I hear it. Somewhere in that seemingly flat harmony there's a hint of soulfulness that keeps me coming back for more. Then you throw in a bubbly, uptempo rhythm and a Nicki Minaj verse to his unique delivery and what you get is a post-worthy track. Like a Star may not be my favorite track of his (hard to top Trap Queen), but I'm cool with adding it to my growing collection of Wap favorites. Word has it this will be on Fetty's upcoming King Zoo album that will be dropping at some point in the coming months, so keep it locked...#LikeAStar

Fetty Wap feat Nicki Minaj - Like a Star


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