Sunday, December 11, 2016

"I Don't Need a Crown to Know I'm King"

Has it seemed like over the past year Krewella has been somewhat of a lightning rod? Whether it was their much publicized group breakup with Rain Man or subsequent lawsuit, there's been a lot of attention thrown toward the Yousaf sisters. Breakup aside, a lot of people have been wondering what their music is going to sound like sans a group member.

Well...after hearing their latest single, any concerns about whether they're taking a step back should start fading away now. Team is a statement track. It's a proud affirmation of moving forward as a group without a care in the world about what the rest of the world thinks. That type of IDGAF attitude mixed with on-point vocals and a post-drop, party starting chord progression is why this one deserves a look on your newest playlist. It's more of a weekend starter track than a weekend ender, but timing aside, it's the type of heat you expect from the unstoppable duo...#Team

Krewella - Team


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