Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Take it All, Ain't No Way I Can Break it Off"

With all the collaborations between Hip Hop and EDM these days, I'm beginning to raise my own bar for being impressed. That being said, a collabo between three of my favorite artists is probably starting out with a higher chance of eclipsing that bar than your average track. Seeing Big Gigantic, Logic, and Rozes on the same track together caused me to fumble with the mouse because I tried to click play so fast.

...and All of Me absolutely impressed! It was way more mellow than I imagined, but I was really stoked with how well Big Gigantic put together a slow, melodic Hip Hop sounding beat. There's a gentle drop, but if I closed my eyes and listened to it without knowing who was on it, I wouldn't have pegged this as a BG track. It was one of those rare times where I felt like I needed to re-evaluate my expectations for Big Gigantic because I clearly shortchanged his wide variety of sounds. Maybe the horns after the gentle drop are more of a tell than I thought at first, but it's much more slow trap than the usual sax driven beats he churns out. Even better, Logic chipped in a stellar 16, which along with Rozes hook, elevated the track well beyond what I expected. It's clearly one of my favorite new songs and I hope it, along with his upcoming Brighter Future album, is too...#AllOfMe

Big Gigantic feat Logic & Rozes - All Of Me


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