Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nobody Said Rock Music Couldn't Be a Part of EDM

There's kicking ass, then there's this. If you want to talk about taking electronic music to new heights, look no further than GRiZ's new single Can't Hold Me Down. Featuring some smooth guitar riffs and bluesy, rock vocals from London Souls' Tash Neal, you might find yourself asking why more DJs haven't dabbled in rock to date. There's such an undercurrent of positivity and overcoming adversity baked in the vibe of the track that it's damn near impossible not to like. The tone of the track aligns well with the title of GRiZ's new album, Good Will Prevail, which will be landing on e-tailers in about a month on September 23rd. If the album has any other songs as close to as dope as this track, it'll be one of my favorite releases in 2016...#GoodWillPrevail

GRiZ feat Tash Neal of London Souls - Can't Hold Me Down


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