Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Japan Gets Some Extra Love From The Knocks

I can't claim to understand why some artists choose to release bonus specific bonus tracks by country. Maybe having an extra track could boost regional sales or give an heir of exclusivity to a track, but as a whole, I just don't get it. Take for instance The Knocks irresistible dance track Endisco. In the literal sense, it's as close to modern disco as you're going to find. The heavy, vibrant funk influence will no doubt have you dusting off old Daft Punk albums. There's a slight ebb and flow to the beat with soft, high pitched vocals mixed throughout. In my eyes, it's all filler noise that gives ample contrast to the steady mainline dance-worthiness. If you're outside of Japan, keep railing that Soundcloud link in hopes The Knocks provide you with a future outlet to cop the track...#Endisco

The Knocks - Endisco


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